Cosmetic laser
LLLT PDT Master®

Precision in skin problems

Cosmetic laser by Chantarelle: 6-programmable device with pulsed magnetic field, designed for phototherapy and targeted PDT photodynamic therapies Combines the action of: 635nm LASER light + 395nm, 470nm, 525nm, 650nm LED light + magnetic field
For use in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine surgeries

4 technologies in one device

You don’t have to buy several devices This single device allows you to use 4 technologies This will give you a quick return on investment and a more attractive offer to your customers

6 pre-designed programmes

Programmes from P1 to P6 designed for treatment sessions of up to 20 minutes for different skin types based on LASER and LED light therapy with magnetic fields

Spectacular results without a scalpel

Wide spectrum of benefits for various skin problems and extensive anti-ageing therapy options 100% safe for the client without the need for convalescence

Cosmetic laser with 4 technologies in one device



As many as 4 technologies in one device, LASER and/or LED light phototherapies, PDT photodynamic treatments with CHANTARELLE bio-chromophores, with magnetic field In addition, 6 predefined programmes enable a wide spectrum of professional cosmetic and aesthetic medicine treatments No scalpel, no convalescence, no discomfort and no stress 100% safe treatments and maximum effectiveness

Stand-alone LASER, LED light and magnetic field treatments / programmes 1-6 rely on the effective intensification of metabolic processes in the cells in an absolutely safe and non-invasive way

The LED/LASER light emitted by the PDT MASTER® reaches the cell membranes and mitochondria (the energy centres of the cells), thus energetically stimulating the cells to regenerate Collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin is increased, blood and lymph flow is improved The skin’s natural immune processes are also stimulated

The magnetic field increases the therapeutic effect in tissues – it has a biostimulating effect; it improves blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which the skin is better oxygenated and nourished; it increases the absorption of active ingredients contained in preparations; it stimulates fibroblasts to synthesise collagen and elastin; it has an anti-inflammatory effect; it accelerates tissue regeneration processes


This is an innovative treatment with simultaneous application of LASER and/or LED light, pulsed magnetic field emitted by the PDT MASTER® laser and PDT photodynamic preparations developed by CHANTARELLE, which contain a unique bio-chromophore system and advanced active ingredients targeting a given dermoestetic skin problem / programmes 4, 6

The PDT MASTER® emits LASER and/or LED light, which is absorbed at the skin surface by the bio-chromophores contained in the PDT photodynamic formulations developed by CHANTARELLE The accumulated energy from the bio-chromophores is transferred directly to the cells It intensifies metabolic, repair and oxygenation processes and maximises the bioavailability of the active ingredients contained in the preparations

They involve combining LASER/LED magneto-phototherapy or targeted PDT LASER/LED photodynamic therapy with other treatment procedures, such as needle-free mesotherapy, sonophoresis, chemical peels with acids They increase the attractiveness of the office offer and offer the possibility of tailoring the therapy to individual skin needs

1 LASER/LED magneto-phototherapy before any skincare treatment
2 magneto-LASER/LED Phototherapy after any skincare treatment
3 targeted Photodynamic Therapy PDT LASER/LED after eg acid exfoliation
4 targeted PDT LASER/LED Photodynamic Therapy in a CHANTARELLE brand treatment – application of a PDT photodynamic preparation (instead of a concentrate in an ampoule)

No scalpel

Spectacular ANTI-AGEING effects

P2 and P3 programme dedicated to the therapy of deep wrinkles and furrows, effective skin lifting with immediate effect, whose aim is to improve skin tone, visibly improve tension and elasticity, remove hyperpigmentation and spots In addition, skin therapies for the eyelids and skin around the eyes can be performed

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acne, oily, combination skin

Effective calming therapies

Programme 5 based on phototherapy directed at the care of oily and mixed skin prone to acne vulgaris, resulting in a reduction of pores, regulation of sebum secretion and adequate hydration The programme is based on a 635nm laser and 650nm+470nm+395nm LED

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Vascular, rosacea, sensitive, atopic

Therapy for difficult skin problems

P4 programme based on phototherapy and PDT for sensitive, vascular skin prone to redness, broken capillaries, inflammatory lesions and rosacea PDT method for 525nm green LED light.

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cosmetic must-have

Benefits of the PDT Master cosmetic laser

customer benefits

  • HIGH EFFECTIVENESS – in 97% of procedures performed in approval studies (panel of 10 participants), immediately visible results were obtained after one treatment
  • Instantaneous effects – visible after the first treatment and long-lasting biostimulation effect
  • Non-invasive treatment procedures – NO SCALPEL, NO PAIN, NO STRESS and the possibility of an immediate return to normal activity after treatment

benefits for your practice

  • Fast return on investment
  • A very wide range of treatments – increasing the attractiveness of your practice’s offer
  • No special servicing required – durability of laser diode 10 years
    • Easy to read treatment procedures, intuitive operation and ready-made treatment programmes
    • Easy to read treatment procedures, intuitive operation and ready-made treatment programmes
    • Possibility to combine with other treatments in combination therapies – increasing the range of treatments on offer

    Glebokie bruzdy PRZED Chantarelle fot Katarzyna BuczekOdmlodzenie przeciwzmarszkowy zabieg laser plant plasma Chantarelle PO fot Katarzyna Buczek

    ✓ smoothing out wrinkles
    ✓ remodelling of the facial oval
    ✓ levelling the effects of photo-damage and photo-ageing
    ✓ reduction of hyperpigmentation
    ✓ increase in hydration and elasticity

    ✓ sealing of blood vessels
    ✓ reduction of erythema
    ✓ reduction of rosacea symptoms
    ✓ reduction of symptoms of acne vulgaris, including adult acne

    ✓ elimination of irritation
    ✓ reduction of swellings, absorption of hemorrhages and bruises
    ✓ maintenance of the effects of aesthetic treatments

    ✓ anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal effects
    ✓ acceleration of healing and regeneration processes
    ✓ acceleration of hair growth

    Preparations for photodynamic treatments

    PDT BLACK ESSENTIAL treatments

    PDT Black Essential concentrates provide specialised aesthetic treatments for the skin of men and women

    They cover a wide range of treatments most expected in beauty salons: rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, firming, evening out skin tone, for skin with redness problems, oily skin, acne, sensitive skin and atopic skin

    Also on offer are specialised treatments to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, pigmentary disorders of various origins, as well as treatments for the scalp, hands and nails, and podiatric and ‘diabetic foot’ aesthetics”


    • soothing and comfort, reduction of neurogenic skin stress and erythema
    • regeneration of the microbiome and strengthening of skin barrier integrity
    • lifting and reducing wrinkles, improving elasticity and skin tone
    • prevention of premature ageing

    ABSOLUTE Rich Moisture treatment

    • improve skin barrier properties
    • intensively hydrate the skin
    • protection against external factors and UV radiation
    • prevention of wrinkle formation
    • alleviating irritation
    • acceleration of the skin’s healing process

    SUPERIOR Youth Boost treatments

    • renewal and regeneration of the skin on the face, neck and décolleté
    • reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
    • regulation of keratinisation
    • normalisation of sebum production
    • improving elasticity and firmness
    • smoothing and moisturising
    • brightening of hyperpigmentation
    • restore healthy colour
    • brighten and brighten

    PLANT PLASMA treatments

    • reduction of wrinkles and roughness, increased elasticity, physiological skin rejuvenation
    • stimulation of hyaluronic acid synthesis, stimulation of hydration mechanisms
      stimulation of collagen production
    • improvement of elastic fibre structure
    • increase in fibroblast proliferation and myofibroblast differentiation
    • stimulation of the expression of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins such as collagen I, collagen III, fibronectin and integrins
    • inhibition of matrix degradation by stimulating the synthesis of matrix inhibitors of metalloproteinases (MIMs) (TIMPs)
    • increase in GAG and hyaluronic acid synthesis to enhance skin firmness, elasticity and hydratio


    • reduction of pigmented lesions
    • pigmentation and uneven skin tone
    • restoration of enzymatic pathways – inhibition of melanogenesis
    • stimulation of enzymatic sirtuin activity and cellular cleansing
    • detoxification
    • restoration of collagen and skin structures whose damage causes and
    • exacerbates pigmentary changes
    • strengthening the skin barrier against the effects of damage


    • reduction of post-inflammatory pigmentary changes
    • regulation of melanogenesis
    • regulation of sebum secretion, reduction of pores and symptoms of inflammation
    • stimulation of enzymatic activity of sirtuins and cellular cleansing
      strengthening of skin barrier function – improved integrity
    • repair and maintenance of water-lipid balance
    • detoxification, renewal and repair of damage due to: free radicals, smog, chemicals, bacteria

    PLATINUM PEEL&CURE treatments

    • reduction of post-inflammatory pigmentary changes
    • regulation of melanogenesis
    • regulation of sebum secretion, reduction of pores and symptoms of inflammation
    • stimulation of enzymatic activity of sirtuins and cellular cleansing
      strengthening of skin barrier function – improved integrity
    • repair and maintenance of water-lipid balance
    • detoxification, renewal and repair of damage due to: free radicals, smog, chemicals, bacteria

    REGENEVIA DNA treatments

    • advanced cellular rejuvenation treatment
    • regeneration of collagen matrix structure
    • stimulation of cells for activity and renewal
    • renewal of collagen structure
    • stimulation of new elastic fibres
    • reduction of wrinkles, enhances skin firmness and elasticity
    • stimulation of the formation of new collagen fibres
    • regeneration of the skin barrier
    • protection against oxidative damage

    LIFT PEPTANGO R treatments

    • increase skin elasticity and resilience
    • improvement of skin texture and facial contour due to stimulation of elastic
    • fibre reconstruction
    • visible reduction of wrinkles
    • brightening of hyperpigmentation
    • improvement of blood circulation and skin tone compensation
    • improvement of skin tone
    • reconstruction of drooping upper eyelids
    • rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes
    • reduction of crow’s feet type wrinkles at the corners of the eyes
    • brightening of dark circles under the eyes, reduction of swelling and bruising

    RETINOCAL PURE treatment

    • reduces symptoms of inflammatory lesions and hyperpigmentation
    • reduces pores
    • preventing the formation of blackheads
    • alleviates irritation
    • equalizes the colour of scars

    FERULASHI treatment

    • reduction of irritation and roughness
    • protection against the damaging effects of aggressive agents (including UV radiation)
    • smoothed and hydrated skin
    • brightened skin tone and smoothed out wrinkles
    • softened softer texture


    BODY MODELLING & CARE treatments

    • structural body modelling with simultaneous firming and strengthening of elastic fibres
    • anti-cellulite action and reduction of the “orange peel” effect – special programmes depending on the severity of cellulite
    • lipoplasts – reduction and change of the structure of adipose tissue
      lifting, reconstruction of skin density and firmness
    • stimulation of metabolic changes in the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue – special programmes depending on the thickness of the adipose tissue
    • improvement of smoothness and firmness
    • improvement of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue
    • improvement of skin smoothing and hydration stimulation of microcirculation and detoxification
    PDT master – must have

    Reviews from our dear customers

    Find out what cosmetologists who have been working with the PDT Laser for several years think

    The PDT Master is one of our favourite medical devices in our clinic We combine it with many therapies and achieve very good results in the treatment of, for example, acne, rosacea, prevention of the skin ageing process or even improving the appearance of visible wrinkles”

    Effects visible after the first laser treatment, smooths firming and moisturises the skin Professional selection of the treatment to your skin type, friendly service And all this in the salon of Mrs Monika in Inowroclaw I highly recommend👌👌👌

    PDT Master laser specification

    – Device classification: Class II
    – Power supply: via mains adapter FW7555M/12 100-240V/50-60 Hz (350-150mA)/12V=
    – Durable current consumption: 40 mA maximum
    – Maximum load: 15 VA
    – Maximum induction at head surface: B=10mT (dB/dt=16 T/s)
    – Magnetic field frequency variation: 13 to 997 Hz
    – Laser diodes 635nm: maximum power 3 x 25mW, class 2M
    – LEDs emitting wavelength of light: from 395nm to 650nm
    – Magnetic field pulse repetition frequency: 13 to 997 Hz
    – Weight of device including power supply: 355 g
    – Guarantee: 24 months

    The device is CE certified in Europe


    The PDT MASTER® device consists of two parts:
    – a lightweight (165 g), handy head with display, controller and power socket
    – a power supply unit (special version) with a power cable to connect the head
    The unit is supplied in a handy pouch with stand and instruction manual


    – Protect against flooding with liquids
    – Before use, read the instruction manual and follow the instructions contained therein
    – Do not use any other power adapter than the original one supplied Do not replace the power cord yourself

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