Two-in-one device

THERMO technology with an innovative rotating magnetic field that generates an even temperature
+ LED PHOTOTHERAPY enabling the use of a wide range of skin therapies with maximum effect.


24 treatment programmes

Termo-lifting, thermo-modeling, anti-ageing and treatments for different skin types such as vascular, oily, dry, hyperpigmented:

18 THERMO programmes
6 PDT LED programmes


5 technologies

THERMO thermal method + LED magneto-phototherapy + pulsed magnetic field + rotating magnetic field + targeted PDT photodynamic therapy

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THERMO method

+LED light

THERMO-modelling and restructuring of skin collagen fibres with rotating field and magnetic pulsed field + 39 deg C, 41 deg C, 42 deg C with SINGLE DERMOCOURATION of concomitant skin problem

Photodynamic method with LED light: IR 850nm + R 650nm + Green 525nm + UV Blue 420nm

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– modelling/lifting of the facial oval
– smoothing out wrinkles
– modelling of local body parts
– reduction of discoloration
– even skin tone and color
– Hydration, reduction of roughness and irritation
– seboregulation and reduction of inflammatory symptoms
– reduction of swelling

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24 device programmes


– modelling and lifting treatments
– anti-ageing, against deep wrinkles,
– for dry, rough skin with symptoms of irritation,
– for oily skin with symptoms of inflammation,
– for sensitive vascular skin with redness,
– special programmes for the skin around the eyes
– for skin with discoloration, uneven skin tone and scars

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ABSOLUTE Rich Moisture

  • improves the barrier properties of the skin
  • intensively moisturises the skin
  • protects against external factors and UV radiation
  • Prevents the formation of wrinkles
  • alleviates irritation
  • accelerates the skin’s healing process


  • reduction of pigmented lesions
  • pigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • restoration of enzyme pathways –
  • inhibition of melanogenesis
  • stimulation of enzymatic sirtuin activity and cellular cleansing
  • detoxification
  • restoration of collagen and skin structures whose damage causes and exacerbates pigmentary changes
  • strengthening the skin barrier against the effects of damage


  • reduction of post-inflammatory pigmentation changes
  • regulation of melanogenesis
  • regulation of sebum secretion, reduction of pores and symptoms of inflammation
  • stimulation of enzymatic activity of sirtuins and cellular cleansing
  • strengthening of skin barrier function – improved integrity
  • repair and maintenance of water-lipid balance
  • detoxification, renewal and repair of damage due to: free radicals, smog, chemicals, bacteria


  • dynamic facial remodelling combined with non-invasive lifting
  • modelling of the facial oval, chin and body lift
  • stimulation of reproduction of elastic fibres (collagen and elastin) towards
  • restoration of proper, natural skin tone
  • reconstruction of skin density and restoration of skin firmness
  • stimulating local skin reconstruction in the area of stretch marks, thinning and flabbiness
  • reducing the appearance of scars, stretch marks and imperfections
  • flattening of wrinkles, including around the eyes (reduction of so-called “claws”)
  • reduction of the drooping eyelid effect reduction of fat pads at the cheekbones


  • structural body modelling with simultaneous firming and strengthening of elastic fibres
  • anti-cellulite action and reduction of the “orange peel” effect – special programmes depending on the severity of cellulite
  • lipoplasts – reduction and change of the structure of adipose tissue
    lifting, reconstruction of skin density and firmness
  • stimulation of metabolic changes in the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue – special programmes depending on the thickness of the adipose tissue
  • improvement of smoothness and firmness
  • improvement of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue
  • improvement of skin smoothing and hydration stimulation of microcirculation and detoxification

Combined treatments

After the PDT laser or manual application of the photodynamic preparation, wait until it is absorbed and then apply the preparations from the Thermo-Lifting kit with the Thermoled Master® device.
This applies to photodynamic preparations:

  • PDT Black Essential
  • Lift Peptango R

Advantages of the device

  • Innovative technologies:

    thermal method THERMO + magneto-phototherapy LED +pulsed magnetic field +spinning magnetic field + targeted photodynamic therapy PDT

  • Very broad treatment range (24 programmes) – increasing the attractiveness of the practice’s offering
  • Immediate effects – visible after the first treatment
  • Long-lasting bio-stimulation effect
  • Possibility to combine with other treatments in combination therapies – increasing the range of treatments on offer

Customer security

  • Non-invasive treatment procedures – NO SCALPEL, NO PAIN, NO STRESS
  • Possibility to return to normal activities immediately after the procedure
  • Safety and comfort – for patient and surgery, minimised side effects compared to invasive methods

Benefits for your practice

  • Fast return on investment
  • No special servicing required
  • Easy to read treatment procedures
  • Intuitive operation and ready-to-use treatment programmes
  • Combinable with other treatments in combination therapies – increasing the range of treatments on offer

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