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Sensitive Smart Inflabiome for sensitive skin

Sensitive Smart Inflabiome is an advanced line of soothing and rejuvenating, counteracting the effects of inflammation and neurogenic stress, as well as chronic inflammatory ageing Inflamm-aging. Reduces erythema, regenerates the microbiome and epidermal barrier function.

All formulations of the Sensitive Smart Inflabiome line have been dermatologically tested and do not show irritating or sensitising effects when in contact with sensitive skin.



Skin inflammations are linked to the causes of skin ageing (this is one of the theories of skin ageing). They affect all skin types, but sensitive skin is particularly vulnerable. It has an increased sensitivity to internal and external stimuli.

Treatment of Inflam-ageing syndrome

Strengthening of the skin's natural microbiome.
Reduction of neurogenic inflammation - through antioxidant action.
Inhibition of the release of neurotransmitters involved in the formation of sensitivity.