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Professional cosmetics

Chantarelle professional facial cosmetics are designed for in-office cosmetic and aesthetic medicine treatments for different skin types and problems. The preparations are rich in advanced active ingredients, efficient and well tolerated by the skin. Chantarelle cosmetics have been repeatedly recognised with prestigious awards.


Chantarelle professional facial cosmetics include more than 20 treatment lines in the field of regenerative cosmetics based on the latest biotechnological discoveries and research into raw materials and active ingredients.

The cosmetic lines are designed for dry skin, dehydrated skin, mature skin, tired skin and skin without energy, among others. In addition, our portfolio includes a number of lines for skin types requiring special care: vascular skin, sensitive skin, skin prone to redness and irritation, skin with symptoms of rosacea, allergic skin, skin with AD and atopic dermatitis.

A separate category consists of professional cosmetics created for oily skin, seborrhoeic skin with symptoms of acne vulgaris and adult and cosmetics for mixed skin. Many of the lines contain active ingredients that work on skin problems with hyperpigmentation and vitiligo, uneven skin tone.

Chantarelle also offers a very wide range of cosmetic and medical peels. Among the preparations are both the most popular ones, such as lactic acid, mandelic acid, citric acid, as well as those which the Polish market is only just getting acquainted with. Ferulic acid, pyruvic acid and acid mixes are currently a growing category of peels.